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Seta necklace fiori misto pendant

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Because of the many ways in which you can wear our Seta (or ‘silk’) necklace, it’s the perfect gift for all types. The cord fits through almost every pendant and makes the perfect base for your souvenir pendant collection. Add all kinds of pendants (we offer a few) and mix or swap depending on the occasion, or your mood. You can alter the length by redoing the knot.

This flower pendant is handmade from mixed gemstone beads and a freshwater pearl in the middle. It’s a fun, summery variation on our classic Fiori Pearl pendant. Our chocolate brown Seta rope is a great choice when you are looking for a necklace to wear with it.


Atelier Labro


  • Gold filled finishes, silk rope and gold filled
  • We advise to handle gently
  • Select your favourite silk rope color;  Aperol (orange) or Basil (light green)
  • +/- 65cm (slight variations due to individuality of each piece)


silk with 14k gold filled details

14K gold plated