Pop Up Store

Pop Up Store Esch

Hi guys, 

We thought we would do a short blog post about the Pop Up Store in Esch we are currently participating in. 

First of all what is a Pop Up Store? Most of you probably know the answer to that but for those who don't, a Pop Up Store is a retail store that is opened temporarily either to see if there is a demand in a certain area and/or because the store only sells online, which is the case for us at the moment. 

That being said we are very happy to be able to participate in a Pop Up store because of a number of reasons. First because we are curious to see if there is a demand in the "south" of our country. Since we've had our previous shop in the city centre we don't really know what the market looks like in other areas. This is always interesting for a business. Second because, of course, like every business we want to stay visible and hope that our community keeps growing. Last and most importantly we want to stay in touch with our clients, whether that's new clients or clients that have supported us from the beginning. We love talking to you and getting your opinions. We also understand that most people like going to a store and trying on clothes before buying them. This is also very important for us because we sell good quality clothing that are made mostly of natural or semi natural materials, like cotton, linen, wool and so on and the fact that you can come to see, feel and try on the clothes will persuade you even more of what we are offering. 

Specifically for this Pop Up Store, we have to say that it is very chill and easy. The interior is very minimalistic, which is nice because every business can bring their own touch into the booth. There are, with our store, 7 different businesses in the Pop Up, from a café to a butcher and even bigger companies. The idea is great because businesses should be existing next to each other, no matter how big or small they are. It is great for the economy of villages that have been forgotten but have so much potential and of course a great opportunity for small businesses to grow their community. 

We tried to bring a diversified fall/winter selection to the Pop Up for you and since it was a former clothing store the fitting rooms are spacious. If you should see anything in our online store and are not sure if it is at the Pop Up you can of course message us at 661 61 80 61 and let us know that you want a specific item and we'll bring it to the store for you if it's not already part of the selection. 

So much for our short blog post. Here are a few photos, we hope to see you soon.

Blossom Team.