Fall favourites

Fall favourites

Hi guys, 

As you know this is our first blog post, we hope you like it. This post will be all around fall, the colours, the styles, what to combine with links to our products. 

I personally love fall, I love the colder crisp air outside, I love the colours, the food, the drinks, the clothing, I love everything about it. 

Colour palettes...

Here is the colour palette for fall, at least that is what most colours will be like for the stuff that we ordered. 

When it comes to colours and combination you always have to keep in mind what look you want to achieve, do you want a classic look, feminine look, outgoing look, etc. There is so much to choose from. Of course when you think of fall you think of warmer colours like mustard and burgundy but there can also be a "cooler" colour palette with bright blue or sage for example. 

For combination of course everyone has a different perspective and EVERYONE SHOULD DO AS THEY WANT AND PLEASE. My favourite combos this year are camel and charcoal/black, copper and jeans, bright blue and cream. 



When it comes to styles of course again everybody loves something else and wants their look to be different. There are many different styles that look cool so I will try and keep it as short as possible. 

Knitwear is a must have for everyone during fall, wether it's a jacket or a sweater it doesn't matter, at least one piece that you can combine with almost everything. Knitwear doesn't just have to be for tops but can also be worn as a skirt or sort of leggings if you like, but those are harder to combine that sweaters etc.

Another style favourite are midi dresses and/or longsleeve dresses as well as midi skirts. They are a winner, you can war them with chunky boots like doc martens to get a more edgy 90's look or you can wear them with sneakers and get a more dressed down look you can wear them with tights when it starts to get really cold, you can combine the dresses with a nice blazer or coat and the midi skirts with knitwear as already mentioned above or a t-shirt and a cozy knitwear jacket. There is no end to this. 

Accessories are the last top pic, for example beanies and scarfs. When it starts getting a little colder outside you should always have the right essentials, even if it's not coat weather yet you can easily wear a beanie with a cool sweater or a scarf above a lighter jacket like a blazer for example. Never underestimate the power of the accessories when it comes to outfits, plus almost everyone wants to be comfy even when stylish. 

Thanks for reading, give us your feedback. You can always send us your favourite fall looks and we will put them in our blog posts or online shop. 

Cheers X Lynn. 


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