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Our Story

We started with an environmental retail chain in 2006 and realized that there were no sustainable brands with flavor, in terms of graphics or relevant collaborations. So we created Dedicated to fill that gap.

And despite all the talk about fashion becoming sustainable, this is still an industry built on inhuman working conditions, pollution and toxic chemicals. The textile sector now accounts for 8-10% of global Co2 emissions.

So we want Dedicated to be the positive alternative. Your planet-friendly choice of clothes. And together with the most legit certifications, we stay true to that promise. Today we're working with GOTS and Fairtrade certified cotton, GRS recycled polyester and natural fibers such as Tencel. This basically means that our production is fair and square.

And by collaborating with iconic photographers, illustrators and designers from all over the world we create unique and diverse collections. Always with a low impact, always with a high standard.

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